Five reasons to choose
cold plasma hand
drying technology

Cold plasma has been proven by leading
microbiologists to kill MRSA, Influenza, Staph,
e-Coli and Salmonella
Its fast acting, showing kill rates on influenza of
over 90% in 15 seconds
It is a hygienic but low cost and environmentally
friendly hand drying option
It is a completely safe and natural process - No
ozone production
It is a maintenance free technology, no HEPA filters or
tubes required

Who is CPC technology important for?

CPC is important for any facilities concerned about hygiene but locations where harmful microorganisms require special attention are:

Schools Public or Commercial Airports Food handling Low immune
School Public or
Airports Food handling
People with
lowered immune

What is CPC and how does it work?

Cold Plasma Clean CPC stands for Cold Plasma Clean and is our own patented technology that does what no other hand dryer can do: It kills germs. Can you imagine a bathroom experience where germs are being eliminated and not spread? Just think of the impact on schools, airports, place's of work, hospitals or anywhere germs are a concern. We thought it was time that a hand dryer did more than simply dry your hands; it's why we invented one that also kills germs.The EXTREMEAIR CPC® uses a generator that converts the air into cold plasma which is well known for its germ-killing ability. Plasma is also known as the fourth state of matter. It is ionized air that contains positively and negatively charged molecules that attract and kill germs. The by-product is pure water vapor.

The Science

A non thermal Plasma or Bipolar ionization generator creates a discharge from the outlet nozzle of the hand dryer, that consists of positive ions (H+) and negative ions (02-) produced from local moisture in the air and on surfaces. These ions surround harmful substances such as airbourne mold, virus, bacteria, VO's and allergens. The ions are transformed into hydroxyl radicals (OH*) on the cell membrane surfaces to rob the harmful substance of the hydrogen atom (H), severing the protein walls of the cell membrane and inactivating them. The hydroxyl radicals (OH*) instantly bond with the hydrogen (H), forming water vapor (H20) and returning to the air. This is not to be confused with Ozone, the Cold Plasma generator was safely tested by UL to UL867 and the CARB standard. CARB standards are particularly keen to ensure there is no measurable ozone produced over safety concerns and is widely considered to be the most stringent body for approving the safety of air cleaning devices.

Why a CPC hand dryer?

There are a couple of really good reasons why a hand dryer is such a good vessel to harness with cold plasma technology.
Cold plasma works best when there is lots of moisture is around, so toilets and wet hands are great sources to create hydroxyl radicals from.
It's an everyday device that is important to hand hygiene - the arguements over the most hygienic way to dry hands has been rumbling on for a long time. Cold plasma creates the most hygienic possible environment for effectively drying hands.
The eXtremeAir has a very fast 10-15 second dry time, Cold Plasma works very rapidly on local microorganisms and works well with fast flowing airflow.

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How has the product been tested?

The white paper covers the current testing available on the eXtremeAir CPC hand dryers. The antimicrobial efficacy of Cold Plasma Technology was evaluated by two contract test laboratories: Antimicrobial Test Laboratories (ATL; Round Rock, Texas, US) and EMSL Analytical, Inc. (EMSL; Cinnaminson, New Jersey, US). Testing conducted at both facilities evaluated the ability of air treated with Cold Plasma Technology to kill bacteria which had been dried onto a glass surface. However, only the testing conducted at ATL also evaluated the antimicrobial efficacy of Cold Plasma Technology-treated air on a surface which approximates damp human skin. The testing at ATL was conducted as a modification of the standard methodology described in ASTM International Method E1153: Test Method for Efficacy of Sanitizers Recommended for Inanimate Non-Food Contact Surfaces (ASTM E1153). EMSL Labs is an elite CDC-certified lab with AIHA accreditation in industrial hygiene and environmental microbiology and Antimicrobial Test Labs, ATL, a GLP-compliant laboratory audited by the EPA and FDA. ATL are regularly commissioned by a number of fortune 500 companies. No other hand drying technology has currently performed similar testing or has demonstrated anti-any microbial effects on a surface which approximates damp human skin. It is exciting that tests conducted using vitro skin produced the most positive results from all the testing conducted. The eXtremeAir with CPC technology has also been tested for safety by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), passing both the UL867 and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards.      
Independent Labs E.coli Salmonella Influenza A Staph MRSA
99.03% 96.43% 99.17% 93.49% 96.43%**
**EMSL testing on MRSA was performed on the Cold Plasma Generator only.

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